Listen, I don’t have a problem with heterosexuals, I work with one, I’m just not sure if I’m comfortable with seeing them on t.v. where impressionable young children can see them.

Defenders make the world go round.


Don’t talk about yourself that way, Javier.

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do I sense some mild Carlos hate?

Haha no! I actually like Carlos (aside from her constant preaching of WORKING SO HARD and sky high rocket balls), but I’m an ass and she’s another easy target. I have a whole lotta respect for her. 

O’Hara with full 90. Long with 0/180. I’m real pleased about that.

I hope Jillian is eating her words. 


Gotta fix dat sleeve though.


Gotta fix dat sleeve though.

Four for you, USA. You go, USA.

And none for Carli Lloyd.

"Becky Sauerbrunn is perfect."
The announcer is on point with this comment. (via iguessyoucanjustcallmev)


These photos are 11 years apart. Just let that sink in.


whenever white cooks on tv say “asian” it really pisses me off. what part of asia is your recipe from? malaysia? bhutan? japan? cambodia? y’all know 16 different french sauces but can’t name what kind of chinese/indian food you’re making.